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First Meeting of 2022 Reading Year Saturday, Sept. 17

The Monterey Peninsula Dickens Fellowship will meet Saturday, Sept. 17, at 6:00 p.m. in Pacific Grove to discuss Chapters 1-10 of Bleak House. This is a potluck dinner meeting. The schedule for the complete 2022-2023 reading year appears below.

Prospective members are always welcome at meetings! Please use the “Send Us a Message” feature at the bottom of this page to receive location information (meetings are held in members’ homes on the Monterey Peninsula), or if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing you at one of our meetings this year.

September 17:  Chapters 1-10 (Numbers I, II, III)

October 22: Howard Burnham reads from Bleak House

November 19: Chapters 11-19 (Numbers IV, V, VI)

December 10: Christmas Party

January 15: Chapters 20-29 (Numbers VII, VIII, IX)

February 11: Tentative: Birthday Tea and reading meeting? Chapters 30-42 (X, XI, XII, XIII)

March 18: Chapters 43-49 (Numbers XIV, XV)

April 15: Chapters 50-59 (Numbers XVI, XVII, XVIII)

May 20: Chapters 60-67 (Number XIX)

*This schedule presumes that COVID-19 restrictions will not be put back into place throughout the dates listed on this calendar.

Watch this site for further updates. “Send Us a Message,” below, to receive specifics about upcoming meetings.

Prospective members are always welcome at meetings; after three months, you are encouraged to join the Fellowship. Dues are $25 per address per year and include a subscription to our monthly newsletter, The Mutual Friend.

About the Monterey Fellowship

The Monterey Peninsula Dickens Fellowship was founded February 7, 1991, and was chartered by London headquarters in April of 1992. It is one of 59 worldwide branches of the Fellowship. The Monterey branch holds monthly meetings from September to May, discussing a single book each year. Meetings are often potluck affairs, and the “Fellowship” part of our name is as important as the “Dickens” part. The book for 2022-2023 is Bleak House.

We Read Real Books!

We’re a book club with a difference. We focus on Victorian literature–longer books with larger themes, messages, and questions. And, after thirty years of reading Dickens, we’re thinking of adding other Victorian authors to our reading list. Attend a meeting and share your ideas. We’re ready to plan the next thirty years!  

Above: The “Lost Portrait” of Dickens, painted in 1844, lost for years, recovered in a thrift shop in Australia, and recently purchased at auction by The Charles Dickens Museum with the help of donations from Fellowship branches around the world, including the Monterey Peninsula branch. Be a part of it! Get in touch today and join Monterey Peninsula’s Dickens fans in their appreciation of his works.

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